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The 4 Essential Elements You Need For A Good Story


The 4 Essential Elements You Need For A Good Story

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“I am so excited to be living one of my dreams – to be here on Sesame Street. I’m here because I am teaching everybody on Sesame Street the importance and the power of ‘yet.’ Never, ever, ever give up because there’s so much power in ‘yet.’” - JMonáe

Sesame Street: Janelle Monáe - Power of Yet [x]

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so apparently it’s already october first in some parts of the world!

we’re gonna go ahead and leave this here for you - you can also find it at - where you can also buy “the pan universal parental reconciliation” graphic novel!


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The Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming kittens. [via]


The Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming kittens. [via]

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Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Jesus H. Frogsnoggler.

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Sexuality: 50% straight. Maybe like 47%.

Sexuality: [awkward shrug] [noncommital grunt] [avoidance of eye contact]

Sexuality: Heterosexual*  ((*terms and conditions may apply))

Sexuality: Depends on the phases of the moon and the positioning of the stars

Sexuality: That is an excellent question. [strokes chin] [peers contemplatively into the distance] Freddie Mercury was born in September of 1946…..

Sexuality: I am exclusively attracted to the sound of money being rubbed together

Sexuality: [Opening crawl text in the beginning of every Star Wars movie]

Sexuality: In a spectrum of heterosexuality on one end and homosexuality on the other, I am floating somewhere in the vicinity of your favorite childhood memory.

Sexuality: [sneezes fourteen times in a row, makes you uncomfortable with repeating your bless you’s but also uncomfortable with ignoring the sounds, forces you to leave the room]

Sexuality: I am four tablespoons of queer in a medium glass of hetero. It doesn’t matter though because I dropped the glass years ago and stepped on a shard and had to excuse myself indefinitely. The glass is not empty. The glass simply is not there. Watch your step.

Sexuality: Overly complex and not entirely accurate analogies

Sexuality: I probably would not date an inanimate object??

Sexuality: [opens mouth] [theremin music begins to play]

Sexuality: I am exclusively attracted to the sound of money being rubbed together

Parker, is that you?


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stilllll with major thanks to bear retirement home the guild for being amazong!



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I love this so hard. 

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Really Odd Request But




Anyone got a list of romance novels they like?  

Do you have a genre you prefer? Historical, Regency, Western, Contemporary, supernatural…?

Fuck, there are subgenres? 

Historical I guess? Supernatural doesn’t sound right; I want something more or less plausible with the standard human body.

I’m typically a high fantasy/sci-fi kind of girl with a side interest in Greek/Roman history.

But I’m mostly uh looking for uhmmmm erotic stuff?

I feel so awkward halp :S

Yeah, there’s a ton of subgenres. There’s even sub-genres within subgenres - like there is historical erotic romance as well as historicals that have little/no sex (lots of “fade to black,” which are often found in traditional Regencies too).

I’m not too well-read in the erotic stuff, but I did enjoy most of Kate Pearce’s “Simply” series. It revolves around a “pleasure house,” though I don’t think the author really established what she was doing with the house until the 3rd book. I started with Simply Sinful (which has M/M, as well as M/F and M/F/M) and liked it enough to look at the others (but not Simply Insatiable, the “hero” was a vile villain in other books & I have no interest in seeing him “redeemed”).

Not erotica but with sex scenes - I adore Loretta Chase. Her book, Lord of Scoundrels, is one of my top 5 romance novels of all time. It’s more than a few years old, but she has current stuff out as well (the Dressmaker’s series is her latest). LoS has a few “companion” books (you’ll find a lot of romance authors tend to write families with a book for each sibling or friend), but they got worse as they got on. I did like Captives of the Night. She stopped writing romances for a while to try her hand at another genre, but never managed to publish anything, so came back to romances.

I know you said you didn’t want supernatural, but if you did want to try, Nalini Singh writes an interesting set of books called the Psy-Changeling series. Basically the human race has company in the form of Psys (those with your typical psionic powers; telepathy, telekinetics, teleportation, etc.) and Changelings (think typical shifters - leopards & wolves are her main focus, but there’s mention of birds and other species). Psys have developed a Silence protocol to cut off all emotion in order to have their people not have mental breakdowns and kill people. Of course, these being romance novels, things happen that involve emotions. The world building is really amazing (husband reads them, and after a time skims over the sex bits to get back to the world she’s created), but there are of course the requisite sex scenes. She just finished the 13th book in the series, and is embarking on “Stage 2” of the world, due to events leading up to that point.

Anyway, hope this helps some! Feel free to email me at my tumblr name at the g mails if you want more recs or to ask more questions.

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